UI/UX Studies and Animation


Lottie Animations

Tango, part of Q8, is a network of unmanned filling stations in the Netherlands.
As part of their launch campaign I created several animations for their mobile platform.

All animations are also scalable, lightweight,
and exported in a high-quality vector format (Lottie) for lossless App and Web integration.


Agency: Upthrust BV
Animation: Chris Wergen

The animations were looping for user engagement.

Screen preview with the menu.


UI/UX Studies

This case study explores UX  functionality.
I chose a banking app for the clean look and minimalistic colours.


In the smart home mobile app project,  I analized new ways of usability by trying out different features and technology integration.

The goal was to keep the simplicity of the app while higlighting important functions through colours that I took from an Illustration I did previously.


Using Format